Passed the ball!

Passing Roberson is a deterrent,Passing is choice!
Two big vacancies,No pass,Isn’t it alone。
Xu Xuan doesn’t want to be an independent husband!
Russell receives the ball,Oladipo is very hard,Turn around instantly,Russell passed to Randall,Mid-range small throw——
It’s a pity this ball。
Large opportunities。
Rebound by the sea.Westbrook protects,Aquaman put down his hand in a shame,Stopped the legs that wanted to jump.Comfort yourself,forget it,Just protect the backboard,As for whose.unimportant.
Xu Xuan didn’t care,Patted Randall on the shoulder,Comforted him a few words。
It is normal that no space is allowed,Don’t be frustrated by a mistake,Lead to wasted more opportunities。
Thunder counterattack!