All six people seem to have accomplished an extremely important thing,Then according to the arrangement of the director group。</p>

These Ming girls,Lecture by bus,To the dormitory area,There will be a practice room,playground,Everything from the restaurant。</p>
And these mentors,Also need to follow,But they ride in the director’s car。</p>
A total of twosuv,Three people in a car,Su Luo and Mei Qi,And Huahua three people ride in a car。</p>
Training location for the sons of tomorrow,Probably in a suburb,It took about an hour by car。</p>
Located in a mountainous area,Flowers bloom,It looks beautiful,And those buildings,In the setting sun,As if put on a layer of golden armor。</p>
First sight,It’s beautiful here,Su Luo was also very surprised,I didn’t expect that tomorrow’s sons program group would be willing to spend money。</p>
To create such a beautiful place,For students to live。</p>
Must be here,Spend three months of practice career,Not too lonely,After all, there are a large number of Ming girls with dreams,Can stimulate each other。</p>
But who can stand out,Everything is still unknown,After all, six-star players,But there are five or six,Visible competitiveness。</p>
And the environment here makes Su Luo feel,Like this is a beautiful resort。</p>
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