They look at the eyes of summer,Full of respect。

To know,Combination of flying sword,It seems just,Can only know,It is almost endless。
First moment,A thousand two hundred people’s contest is integrated,Everyone feels an unprecedented powerful。
This experience,It is also very big for their preceding path.。
Summer waves,“Each returns to your city gate,Three hundred Ling Taiwan in each city gate,Flying sword,It is sufficient to slow down part of the pressure.。”
Toned,Also,“remember,The way is not usually used.,And once the sword,Up to three swords,Underground,Five people a group,Power is comparable to the early days of life。”
Everyone is Qi Qi,Sound out of the sound。
They are all shot,Returning to the direction of the city。
After a moment,In addition, the three gates also came to the news.,Flying sword big light color。
The wealth of the four city gate,Sudden pressure reduction。
This kind of sword array,If it is a group of five people,Complementation is full of life and death。
In other words,Under the combination of flying sword,Create more than 200 yuan of life!The role and killing power,It’s simply。
more importantly,Also let the city mainfare master the high-hand pressure。
Get an extremely important breath。
City master Wang Qing and fourteen masters,Nature has also seen the previous scene。
Other person,What do they know more?!This flying sword,It is no longer a simple kill.,Instead, it has an extremely important strategic meaning.。
“good,Very good,Hahaha……”The city master is laughing.,“It surprised me that,I just just want to stand a benchmark.,But brought such a big surprise……”The rest of the people also reveals a smile,But there are fewer few days, some are not taste。
To know,This fourteen warrants,Some of them is the master of the city’s great forces。
Furthermore,It is a king to recruit。
What is the picture?,Nothing is accessible to the fixed yuan wall,And get Wang Qing Trust,Point some authority。
Vice town owner,So many people are in。
Previous Wang Qing announced the appointment of summer,They don’t care,Just a Lingtai Postnian,Can’t afford to rise at all。
But now……They are all wrong.。
“This young man is really not simple.,City owner,Your city guards are only afraid of this time.……”A life and death is full of deeper。
Wang Qing is awkward,It means that the opponent,Laugh,“Explain that this young man has a book.……Um?”
Not finished,He picks up the eyebrows,Immediately take a message,Remaining。
After a few interest,Wang Qing’s face change,Stood up,“what!!”
……So in fact。
With the success of the flying sword,Four orientation all the city guards,I can’t hear any complaints.。