Anyway, he just thinks Ou Baobao has been wronged。

Xie Yun’s eyes flashed,Finally speak,“Don’t worry about it。”I’ll leave immediately after speaking。
Yuze looked at Xie Yun’s back in silence for a while,Just go back。
When Si Guangnian came back,Baby Ou is about to tell mom and brother what he heard from Xiaoyun,Xie’s big dog gossip。
But Si Guangnian got back an investigation report that Ou Zhaozhao asked him to do,Ou Zhaozhao just needs it,Just take the report and meals,Went to work in the study。
Baby Ou can’t help it,I can only tell them to elder brother and brother。Although these two are not as interested as mom,So gossip。
really,After Si Guangnian and Yuze listened,,No response for a long time。
Until Baby Ou started pouting,These two realized,They have to give some quick response,Talk about ideas,Even gossip about this gossip。
amount,“This behavior of this kind of person,I also can’t figure it out。Obviously fake,Didn’t you think that there would be a day of being exposed?Or,Just so confident,Feel that it will never be exposed?”
“Smart,Humiliation。”Yuze takes the call,“and,That mother,Must be sensible。At least I should be aware of some abnormalities of my husband。I just don’t want to doubt my pillow,I don’t want to ruin my marriage,Sacrificed his own daughter。Now it’s time to face,Will retaliate desperately,Let your guilt be comforted.”
“You say so,Just follow the pursuit,Want to create a perfect victim。no difference。”Si Guangnian disagrees,“Compared to a perfect victim,A role like a mother on the dark side,In order to make this story more three-dimensional,Flesh and blood。is not it?but,Is it just to achieve such a tragedy,You need to speculate on a mother like this maliciously?”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Six bad thing
If she is really ignorant,Tragedy is not perfect?No matter what the parties think,We as bystanders,Definitely don’t know。Then you should not maliciously speculate on any of the parties。Stay objective,That’s it。”