Han Lady looked at her,Not cold:“Mu Wei,So late,Is there something??”

Mu Wei wants to think,Some of the lower heads of grievances。
Han Mrs is witnessed,This Mu Yi likes Yu Xuan’s things. She is known.,Just Yu Xuan didn’t mean to her.。
Some small gatherings between each banquet or a wide lady,Mu Wei’s mother will intend to fought things and Yuxuan’s things.。
The opening of Mu Wei:“Grandmother,Yuxuan seems to have a girl who likes it.,I saw him shopping with the girl tonight.。”
“Yes??”Han Mrs is slightly stunned,Yuxuan’s character she knows,It’s too cold.。
She doesn’t know what is going on.,Why is she good care of the children will grow up to become so cold?
Mrs. Han immediately http://www.jiangjun163.cn knew her intention.。
“Mu Wei,Do you know the girl??”
Mu Yi nodded,“Understand,It is the responsibility of this drama now.,It seems like a home world,Take an assistant and a team of several people,Call Blue Qiqi。”
“Blue Qiqi?”Han’s voice slightly。
She looks at Mu Wei,Does she don’t know who Blue Qiqi is??
In the river,Entire Asia,Is there a better girl who is life better than Lan Qiqi??
She said that Ho Xuan has not been looking for a girlfriend,It turned out that it is a blue 梓 Qiqi.。
She still remember when she was in elementary school.,Yuxuan will give Blue Qiqi to Breakfast every day.,It has been stopped until they have been abroad.。
“Yes,Lady,Do you know??”Mu Wei is a somewhat surprise Han’s expression。
Han Lady laughed,“Listening to Yuxuan,But I don’t have a matter of Yuxuan.,I have a http://www.dqhbgl.cn favorite girl, I am very happy.,I want that child must be very good.,Can you entered his eyes。”
If it is Blue Qiqi, it is so good.。
Yu Xuan has become Lu Hao Cheng’s son-in-law,Don’t you develop space in the future??
Property now owned by Blue Qiqi,It’s all desperate。
Before the old chairman died,Give all the property to these children,There is also behind Gu Jia Gu’s grandmother.,Children have copies。
She is old.,Although I don’t care about money,But she is very concerned about the life and development of the child.。
Blue Xin is the chairman of Yida Group,A good job,Relying on these relationships,Lu Jia Xiao Princess’s son-in-law is very delicious。
More importantly, Yu Xuan likes Blue Qiqi.,Lan Qiqi also likes Yu Xuan。
There is no feeling important for money.,The two love can let them go longer。
Mu Wei listened to this,Body obviously stunned for a moment,Han Lady actually。Mu Wei wants to think,A worrying opening:“Lady,Blue Qiqi is the money of Yu Xuan and Yuxuan,I am worried that Yu Xuan is cheated.,I have just encountered them in the mall.,I heard her to let Yu Xuan buy a package.,That mall can be luxury.。”
First2106Chapter Kiki, I like you.4
“Is the mall you said to be a Bailun Mall??”Han Mrs asked。
“Yes,Lady,You also know,A bag in the inside is more than 10,000?”Mu Yi’s gas is slippery,Han Yuxuan is really too much.,She is so obvious,He actually said that it is so excessive.。
Han Mrs is the first,Have a smile on the face:“I know,Mu Wei,Thank you for telling me.,I have been worried about Yuxuan can’t find my girlfriend.,I can sleep well now.。”
“Taking his man’s personality,Can buy bags for http://www.seedk.cn girls,That must be very like that girl.。”That mall is Lu family’s,Blue Qiqi wants everything,Not necessarily let Yu Xuan pay。